DebitorLP's new Modpack!

This Modpack is based upon the popular (German) Minecraft-Project "After Humans", which was available for 1.7.10, only. It's situated in a post-apocalyptic world, where humanity tries to recover from a global catastrophe. 

Map Download

Debitor's Map is now available for Download 

Public Community Discord

Join our official (German) Community Discord. You'll find many likeminded, to play on your/their own servers.

A Great Variety of Mods

The current Version of Minecraft Time offers you the whole performance of Minecraft 1.12.2, combined with extraordinary Mods. This is a Selection of the 125 mods, available in this Modpack:

Applied Energistics 2

A Mod about Matter, Energy and it's usage to conquer the World....

Biomes O' Plenty

The #1 Biome Mod, adding unique new Biomes, to make your experience more fun!

FTB Utilities

Supplies the server configuration, world borders and much more....

Immersive Engineering

Immersive Engineering is a retro-futuristisc Tech-Mod with charme.

Just Enough Items

JEI is a mod for item searching and recipe inspection.

Tinkers Construct

This mod enables you to combine and modify your tools and items.

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Installation of Minecraft Time

The Installation of Minecraft Time can be done in a few steps. CurseForge (formerly Twitch App) is required. The download is absolutely free.

Start CurseForge

Step 1

In CurseForge choose the Minecraft Tab. Click on "Browse Modpacks".

Download CurseForge

Search Modpack

Step 2

There's a search bar in the upper left corner. Start by typing the name of the modpack "Minecraft Time". Choose the Version 1.12.2.


Step 3

The modpack (if you entered the name correctly) should pop up. You may need to scroll down a bit. When you found it, click on Install!